CHUNG KWANG ELECTRIC WIRE & CABLE has over 30 years experience in the field of wire and cable production and development. Chung Kwang specializes in the development and manufacture of various types electric wire, electric cord and control cable.

In 1986, Chung Kwang coordinated with the rapidly developing personal computer industry in Taiwan. Chung Kwang designed, developed and produced various types of cables for this field that required UL, VDE, CE, and European and Japanese safety certification so their customers' products could pass foreign safety and quality approvals on not just computers but also numerous types of appliances to be sold in overseas markets.

In 2005, Chung Kwang invested heavily into to machinery upgrades, and research and development of new product lines. These new products included UL certified mulit-conductor control cables such as UL2501, UL2464, and industrial grade UL2516 as well as UL certified appliance wiring approvals for UL1007 and UL1015. Also developed and approved during this period were UL1493 landscape lighting, and Submersible Pump wire and cable for motor coils and control applications.

In 2007, saw further investment into new green technology cables with the development of solar energy cable certified both European and USA markets. Chung Kwang now has full approval for TUV2pfg1169/08.07 specification for various gauge wires and UL 4703/USE-2 approval for the USA Solar energy market. Also in development are new product Wind Turbine Cables under UL WTTC and RHW-2, which will pass UL certification early this year.

Overall Chung Kwang Electric Wire & Cable through continuous cable development and an emphasis on high quality and international approved cables aims to support both domestic and international customers meet their cabling needs and requirements.